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Nacho Cheese vs. Superfly Pizza Guy

Who will win?
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Now with added 'Space Vespa'

How else is he supposed to deliver pizzas in space?

Why shouldn't you eat a mexican guys cheese?

Because it's "Nacho Cheese".

Arch nemesis of Superfly Pizza Guy, and all round baddie. 

Yes. He is made from cheese.

More pizza?!?!?!

Apparently so.

Some slight costume tweaks, for further character development.

Superfly Pizza Guy

Delivering pizza to a nebula near you.

This is my current project. Delivering pizzas in space whilst combating the galaxy's ne'er-do -wells is the basic premise of the project.

The name's Jones… Funkalicious Jones

The world's best secret agent. Smoking boxing glove. Handlebar moustache. Heart-shaped sun glasses. Green mohawk.

Capt. Hazard

Captain Hazzard. An idea for a hero who just can't catch a lucky break. This came off the back of an idea I had for a short story. This is all that came of the idea, but I've drawn influence from it for another project.