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Big guy

A character design. Based on an idea I had for a short story a while back. The idea was a life lived through video games. I wanted the character to resemble the (unfair!) archetypal gamer.


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el luchador fantasmal...

This is a character of mine that I am wishing to develop. I have what can only be described as the beginning of a story fleshed out, and really want to breathe some life into it.

As you may have guessed, his name is 'el Luchador fantasmal', or 'the ghostly wrestler' to you and I. 
I will post more of him up here once I think that I have developed him, and his story, enough.

Superfly Pizza Guy

Delivering pizza to a nebula near you.

This is my current project. Delivering pizzas in space whilst combating the galaxy's ne'er-do -wells is the basic premise of the project.